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We're an inter-denominational ministry seeking to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ among and in partnership with the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada.

Missionaries do all kinds of work ... but what's the truly unique task of missions? Find out by reading our Worldview Church Multiplying action plan.

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"It had been a week when I had felt no real ambition to hold the meeting at all," writes missionary Carl Sonnichsen about his ministry to the incarcerated in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador.

Later ... "Nearly all the inmates came to shake my hand and to thank me for taking the time to visit with them. God did not intend so much to use 'me' that night, but rather to use the inmates to encourage and bless me!"

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Faran & Vivian Steinhauer both grew up in foster homes. They tell how Christ has helped them overcome this and other obstacles in their lives.

Bill Jackson explains, from God's Word, about the original "fall" of humankind. But now we can make the right choice of following the Lord!

Michael Hopp tells how unemployment, addiction, poor health, inferiority, and even hatred, drove him to the Lord.

Perry Stelter teaches from Joshua chapter 24 about God's sovereignty ... of His being in control. God sets His people apart for a purpose.

David Dunn explains "the yoke of Jesus." In Jesus' day people were weary of all the "do's & don'ts." But Jesus' yoke has a lot to do with "love."

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