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Most of the following books are written by Native Christian leaders and by those serving in Christian ministry to Native North Americans. Others are included because of their relevant content.



A Word of Hope for my Aboriginal People

9781896968773 -- $15.00
What does it mean to be Aboriginal and Christian? Parry Stelter (Metis-Cree), originally from Alexander First Nation in north-central Alberta, responds with care and concern, looking to the authoritative truth of God’s Word.
Dr. Allan Effa (Ray and Edith DeNeui Professor of Intercultural Studies at Taylor Seminary – Edmonton, AB) says, “A Word of Hope offers a sympathetic, yet biblically-grounded perspective on how to faithfully live out the Christian faith in ways that are authentic to Aboriginal cultures. Stelter offers a well-researched guide that is not only academically sound, but reaches deeply into his own experience at the heart of cultural identity.


The following books by Bill Jackson:

We Sailed to America Before Columbus

9781896968711 -- $3.50
Theories abound as to how the Indigenous Peoples came to be in North and South America. Was it by way of Alaska and the Bering Strait, or other land bridges? Was it by boat?

Interestingly, it’s not a question at all for many North American Indigenous people. “We’ve always been here” is the thinking of many.
But is that true? And what about the deeper question: “Are we all part of Adam’s race?”

“The Scriptures do give us some answers concerning these very important matters,” says Cree author, Bill Jackson. “I believe the First Nations people need to see that God has included us in His plan, as well as the other nations of the world.”

Baptism & Communion:
Based on the Word of God

9781896968570 -- $3.50
Two practices greatly misunderstood and misused. Native pastor Bill Jackson takes us back to the Bible to discover Jesus' original intent.

Firm Foundations for Families

9781896968421 -- $6.72
Issues facing First Nations families are dealt with using Scripture to show God's plan for the family.

Scripture and Traditional Religion

9781896968589 -- $3.50
Native pastor, Bill Jackson (Cree), alerts readers to the dangerous deception now being taught under the guise of culture.

A More Sure Word

0920731589 -- $3.50
Addresses the topics of: premonitions, visions, dreams, being "slain in the Spirit," voices ... and how we must rely on God's written Word.

Suicide and Then

1896968112 -- $3.50
Suicide -- a sobering reality in many Native communities. The reader is directed to hope for living.

God and the First Nations

9780920731932 -- $3.50
Language, culture, religion, racial prejudice -- some of the topics discussed ... and God's plan for First Nations.

Look for As Long As The Rivers Run by Bill Jackson in the Life Story Books section.

The Grieving Indian

9780920379073 -- $7.00
A book about the root causes of alcoholism and how to deal with them. It gives help and hope to those who are caught in substance abuse and those who work with them.

The Grieving Indian Workbook

0920731600 -- $6.00
Designed as a guide and discussion manual to go along with The Grieving Indian book. Can be used for individual or group studies.

Does The Owl Still Call Your Name?

9780920379189 -- $9.00
Going beneath the surface of human behaviour, eight social crises are covered providing information, personal stories, and contacts for help.

The Conquering Indian

9780920379134 -- $9.00
A collection of 70 personal stories of Native people who found Jesus Christ to be the One who set them free from the problems in their lives.

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