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Our Action Plan ...

Since 1946 NCEM has been reaching Canada’s First Peoples for Christ. Many have found salvation, a number of indigenous churches and fellowship groups have been established, and ministries such as Bible schools, Bible camps, aviation, television, literature and other media outreaches have developed. We thank God for increasing partnership opportunities with the developing Native Church.

There have been challenges along the way, as well. We've realized that we have not always properly addressed issues of social and deep emotional needs.

As we’ve sought to address the underlying reasons for resistance to the Gospel and slow church growth, we’ve realized that we haven't always addressed deep-rooted unbiblical values and beliefs.


A fresh look forward! ...

We’ve sensed the need for a fresh look at our Mandate. In 2007 our leaders began considering what is called a "Worldview" approach.

By definition, "worldview" is not just what people think, but how we think – it’s the "lens" through which we see the world. A Worldview approach helps the missionary understand the local people’s assumptions, and how they view reality.

We believe that a Worldview approach addresses the challenges our Mission is facing, and can help make a difference for Christ’s sake!


More about Worldview Church Multiplying ...

Further clarifying NCEM's Worldview Church Multiplying action plan ...

NCEM's Executive Committee, field and ministry leaders have prepared the following documents to clarify NCEM’s definition of a number of ministry-related terms. These are especially important as we form teams, so that we can minister from a unified position. We understand that these definitions and position statements may need some adjustment in the future, but they are the result of significant Bible study, prayer, research and discussion. We hope you find these documents helpful:


"Worldview" Links

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