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Gospel of Mark
(No charge for Scripture book -- please include $2.00 per copy to cover shipping charges. To order please write: Quindel & Marliyn King, 1984 Fox Mountain Road, Williams Lake, BC  V2G 5B5)



Book of Genesis
on 5-CD set with bonus Chilcotin language JESUS Movie DVD

For pricing and order information please write:
Quindel & Marilyn King
1984 Fox Mountain Road, Williams Lake, BC  V2G 5B5

Book of Genesis online
Click Here to listen online or download Chilcotin Book of Genesis audio files


The JESUS Movie
North American Indigenous Languages

(DVD) NAIL20DVD12 -- $4.00

The two-hour video on the life of Christ taken from the Gospel of Luke with Native voice actors.

DVD includes the following languages: Blackfoot, Chilcotin, Cree, Denesuline, Innu (Montagnais), Inuktitut, Ojibway, Slavey, Tlicho, English (Native Voice), French, English (original), Spanish, Navajo, Tiwa, and Zuni.

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