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From the recent past, each of these stories/articles offers insight into NCEM's ministries among Canada's First Peoples:

  • Clothed in Color
    "Think about the last time you appealed to someone to make an ethical change. What did you say?" by Denise Hodgman (from Issue #535)
  • How Did God Find Me Here?
    What happens when two worlds collide? Read excerpts from Rita Anderson's new book (from Issue #534)
  • Part of the Big Picture
    Robert Buck, a First Nations community & church leader, talks about his life, and the importance of biblical teaching and fellowship (from Issue #533)
  • Sharing the "10 C's"
    If someone asked you to explain the main message of the Bible in five minutes, what would you tell them? (from Issue #531)
  • No Longer Homeless
    Missionary Noriko Suzuki Tells of a Homeless Man She Won't Soon Forget (from Issue #530)
  • How You Keep Us Going
    The Many Ways NCEM Supporters Keep on Encouraging Their Missionaries (from Issue #529)
  • Show or Tell?
    Questions about sharing God's love (from Issue #527)
  • He Saw My Wounded Heart
    Keisha Cook's story ... read how it's related to the above mentioned couple! (from Issue #526)
  • Surprised & Honored
    A missionary tells of the impact & influence of her friend (from Issue #524)
  • Down & Up the Mackenzie
    Ron Knightly hasn't purposely sought danger; it just seemed to come ... (from Issue #522)
  • Late Dawn
    Why has the Light of Christ's love been so long in reaching Canada's Maritime First Peoples? (from Issue #521)
  • Stage 5: Multiplying
    The most dramatic stage -- when the missionary leaves! ... more about our 5-stage Action Plan: one stage at a time (from Issue #521)
  • Stage 4: Discipling
    "The Fellowship elders really knew the Word of God, and I wanted to be like them" ... more about our 5-stage Action Plan: one stage at a time (from Issue #520)
  • Stage 3: Presenting
    In this and our next two issues of Northern Lights, more about our 5-stage action plan ... one stage at a time (from Issue #519)
  • Through Friendship: A Key to Discovery
    "[I'd] learned how to do beadwork" ... Missionary Ruth Anna Dana says her friendship with Hilda is one of the reasons she believes in our Mission's Worldview Action Plan (from Issue #518)
  • Stage 2: Discovering
    In this and our next three issues of Northern Lights, more about our 5-stage action plan ... one stage at a time (from Issue #518)
  • Today and from the Start
    "Had the church not been ruined by the snow, it would always have been 'Hill's church' " -- NCEM celebrates our 65th birthday with a couple of articles that express our Mission's same deep desire, then as today (from Issue #517)
  • Stage 1: Preparing
    In this and our next four issues of Northern Lights, more about our 5-stage action plan ... one stage at a time (from Issue #517)
  • Saved & Serving
    Meet Key-Way-Tin Bible Institute grads Fred & Charlotte Evans ... saved at a young age and serving God today (from Issue #516)
  • For Such a Time as This
    "I noticed Esther with a gathering of campers around her. There wasn't the usual silly laughter of over-tired teens" (from Issue #515)
  • Being Equipped
    "These are the belief systems that confront missionaries. Paul likens them to 'fortresses ready for destruction' " (from Issue #515)
  • God Makes it Grow
    From soil preparation & seeding, to growth & maturity ... what our missionaries say about church planting (from Issue #512)
  • Never the Same
    A youth team leader tells of summer ministry in Canada's subArctic (from Issue #509)
  • In Focus
    Our Mission takes a closer look at what we're doing (from Issue #509)
  • Bike Ride
    for Awareness & Prevention of Suicide (from Issue #509)
  • Help Wanted
    ...but do we really need more missionaries? (from Issue #505)
  • No One of Us
    with Louis & Margaret Bear: "It was at that moment I knew that I had become a new person." (from Issue #505)
  • Time to Return
    Relationships renewed through resumed visits (from Issue #500)
  • Just the Beginning
    People's kindness and God's graciousness: a missionary recalls these blessings (from Issue #500)
  • Tribal Trails TV Turns 35
    Envisioning and praying about a television outreach was one thing -- actually beginning one was another (from Issue #499)
  • Our Godsend
    "I faithfully tried to answer his questions, all the time praying for help and trying to understand what this call was really about" (from Issue #497)
  • God Has Provided: And How
    With our Mission's 60-year history, a myriad of missionary stories could be retold. However, we believe this anniversary issue is the perfect occasion to do something else! (from Issue #496)
  • A Special Partnership
    Our missionaries tell about those who have become their encouragement and prayer support in life and ministry. (from Issue #496)
  • Behind the Eagle Feather Series
    Our youth-focused series promotes a positive alternative ... and a sense of hope for those feeling helpless in their situations (from Issue #495)
  • Real Life at NCEM's Bible Camps
    Why should there be so many Christian opportunities for other young people, and so little for the northern Native people? (from Issue #495)
  • Closer to the Heart
    "Is there a way to bring our Northern Lights readers a bit closer to the heart of our ministry?" (from Issue #494)
  • My Vision Quest
    A First Nations Canadian searches for his identity. By Conrad Flett (from Issue #493)
  • Our Volunteers: On a Mission
    It's their desire to be part of God's work that leads our volunteers to assist in many ways (from Issue #493)
  • Paddling for Jesus
    For this young canoeing enthusiast, attending Higher Challenge Wilderness Adventures camps helped set the right course (from Issue #492)
  • Simply Most Important
    "Miina itwe miina!" rasped the mortally-wounded hunter in his Cree language. By Arlyn van Enns (from Issue #492)
  • Spirit World
    What is it that drew you to Christ? Are these the same things that draw people of other cultures? (from Issue #491)
  • NCEM: A Team Widespread
    "The work is extensive and spread out, and we are widely separated from each other..." Neh. 4:19 (from Issue #489)
  • Called to Their Own
    NCEM's Native workers tell about choosing this ministry, the blessings and the challenges (from Issue #487)
  • Dogrib New Testament Dedicated
    "As the Dogrib people explore their self-determination, what better guide could they have than the Word of God?" (from Issue #486)
  • Tribal Trails Viewers Write Back
    At NCEM's Tribal Trails, our work isn't finished after our weekly half-hour Native Gospel TV program has aired! (from Issue #486)
  • Intelligible Words
    Dene Language Bible Translation -- "Unless you speak with intelligible words ... you will just be speaking into the air" (from Issue #481)
  • Seeds 'n Deeds
    "He told us that when he was about five years old, the young daughter of a missionary gave a Bible story to his mother" (from Issue #481)
  • Getting There
    The Lord told us to "Go" -- a feature article on transportation in NCEM (from Issue #480)
  • A New Voice For "JESUS"
    The "JESUS" Movie for Native North American Viewers - an 'Extra Unique' Version! (from Issue #479)
  • Drops From Above
    by Bill Jackson -- "[The old trapper] remained fascinated with the accuracy of the drops" (from Issue #478)
  • Sit. Stay. Watch. Pray.
    " attempt any work for God without prayer is as futile as trying to launch a space probe with a pea-shooter!" (from Issue #477)
  • One Foggy Morning
    "My heart was pounding as I stopped, and got off and dragged my ski-doo around..." (from Issue #475)
  • Women in Missions
    Flexible, dedicated, compassionate ... whether energetically out-going or quietly in the background, NCEM women are using their God-given gifts and abilities in reaching Canada's First Nations. (from Issue #474).




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