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These course materials have been written to help First Nations people in their study of God's Word. Whether studying the Bible alone, or in weekly sessions with a group and leader, we believe these Bible Study Courses can be a valuable tool.

Christian Foundations

0920731155 -- $6.25
Guide to understanding foundational truths of God's Word: salvation, assurance, growth, temptation, fellowship, prayer, living in victory, knowing the will of God and obeying it, strength from God, family life, doing good, giving, the Holy Spirit, the Church, witnessing.
Following Jesus

9781896968538 -- $7.50
Easy-to-read basic Bible truths for seekers and new believers: choosing the right way, repentance, the new birth, giving ourselves to God, the Holy Spirit and His work, spiritual warfare, prayer, how to study the Bible, working for God, the blessings of following Jesus.
Methods of Teaching

BEE121 - $8.50
A course to help Sunday school teachers prepare lessons using only the Bible. Includes: the teacher, what to teach, getting the lesson ready, teaching the lesson, maintaining order in class, different age groups, suggestions for specific teaching methods, settings, appropriate activities, worship.



The Bible study courses in the following section are from a variety of publishers. The reading level varies -- please write or call for more information. As with the previous courses, these also may be used for individual study or used in weekly sessions with a group and leader.

Topical Study Outlines

1896968392 -- $9.70
From the publishers of the easy-to-read New Life Version Bible, nine courses covering the basic doctrines of the Bible.
Topical Study Questions

1896968376 -- $3.50
Two pages of questions for each of the 56 chapters of the above book (1896968392).

Learning to Live

9780875097091 -- $6.65
This study course, written by Keith M. Bailey, is an introduction to the basic facts about life in Christ.

100 Bible Lessons

9789715114288 -- $34.00
Features comprehensive outlines of major Christian doctrines and key themes relevant to the Christian life today.

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