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The New Life Version

The New Life Version of the Bible had its beginnings in the 1960s when missionaries to the Canadian Arctic, Gleason and Kathryn Ledyard, saw the need for an English Bible that was accurate and easy to read. In 1969 the New Life Version of the New Testament was completed, with a 850-word vocabulary.

The Ledyards developed a unique phraseology which took difficult biblical words and broke them down into simple meaningful easy-to-read phrases. This gives the New Life Version the quality of a built-in dictionary. Sentences and paragraphs are kept short, with headings summarizing their content. All pronouns referring to deity are capitalized. Even children in the earlier grades can read this English version of the Bible with understanding. And many adults find themselves startled into new insights by the blunt simplicity of the language. In 1986 the Old Testament was completed with only a few new words, unique to the Old Testament, added to the basic 850-word vocabulary.

The New Life Version is available in the following editions:

New Life Study Bible

9781630589325 -- $15.00

Simulated leather buckskin (paperback) & beadwork cover.

New Life Bible

NL8017 -- $21.95

Large print. Green hard cover.

New Life Study Testament

NL8112 -- $10.45

New Testament with Topical Study Outlines, Word List, Topical Verse Finder, and Happenings in the Gospels. Brown soft cover.

New Life Testament

NL8113 -- $8.70

Paperback Edition. Cover maroon with gold letters.

Illustrated New Life Testament

NL8116 -- $20.00

Simulated leather buckskin and beadwork (paperback) cover. Contains 276 colourful pictures.

Other versions of the Bible may be available (KJV, NKJV, NIV, New Living Translation, etc.).

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