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These devotionals are suitable for ages 6 to approximately 14 years (younger children will likely need help with reading). They can be used for personal use, at Bible Camp, or for Kids Clubs. Most of these devotional booklets include a Scripture verse to look up and read, a memory verse, a main thought, and questions for the child to answer. Included at the back of each booklet is a section on how to receive Christ as personal Saviour.

Who Is Your Hero?

Young readers will be encouraged to persevere when they discover the 10 biblical heroes introduced in these lessons.
The Eagle Feather Mystery Devotional -- Book One

Ten lessons based on topics discussed in The Eagle Feather Mystery book (see Eagle Feather fiction series).
The Mysterious Break-In Devotional -- Book Two

Ten lessons based on topics discussed in "The Mysterious Break-in" book from The Eagle Feather series (see Eagle Feather fiction series).
Lessons In Life

36 "Minute Messages" by Owen Salway, former editor of NCEM's "Northern Lights" magazine.


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