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These books feature the life stories of First Nations Christians.



9780920379554 -- $13.33
Rita Holmgren Anderson grew up in the security of her isolated northern village. Then a move to a bustling mining town, and ensuing family crises, rocked her world. Read how the Lord kept His hand on her through these obstacles.

God's Warrior

9780920379110 -- $7.00
God's Warrior takes you on a journey. Watch Ray Prince as he attends residential school, works on the trapline, fights battles in Italy and France. Ray Prince was a warrior committed to his Chief.
The Bushman and the Spirits

9781896968597 -- $6.50
The amazing story of how Barney Lacendre, a bushman from northwestern Saskatchewan, became a brand-new person. As told to Owen Salway.
As Long as the Rivers Run

1896968171 -- $9.95
The life and ministry of Cree pastor and Bible teacher, Bill Jackson. As told to Edward Hughs.
My Searching Heart

9780920379219 -- $15.00
Now, for the first time, read Crying Wind's two best-selling books in one volume.
When the Stars Danced

9780920379196 -- $11.00
Picking up where "My Searching Heart" ended, Crying Wind continues her story of "sorrow to laughter" and "mourning to dancing."
Thunder in Our Hearts, Lightning in Our Veins

9780920379332 -- $10.00
Once again Crying Wind writes an amazing collection of stories written with simple honesty, yet funny, happy and sometimes sad. She’ll leave you laughing one moment, crying the next. These are the moments when there’s thunder in our hearts - lightning in our veins!
Keepers of the Faith

9780920379202 -- $15.00
Five Native women share their stories of courage, faith, and perseverance. Thrill to the adventures of Helen, Mavis, Venus, Bessie and Lizzie. By Debra Fieguth.

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