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The Greatest Story

TT112 -- $.50
This 24-page colorful booklet gives an overview of the Bible's story from beginning to end. Designed to be understood by readers with little or no knowledge of God or the Bible. Concludes with a challenge to not just "know" the Story, but know the "Author" of The Greatest Story!

The Greatest of All Chiefs

0920379 -- $1.00
This 54-page pocket-size booklet introduces the reader to several great Indian chiefs, and to Jesus Christ, the Greatest of all leaders.
52 Object Lessons

BK2013 -- $6.80
These lessons will help you to understand the Word of God more fully, and are great lessons to pass on to people of all ages.
The Story of God

9780920731956 -- $4.17
Originally published by New Tribes Mission, over 100 pocket-sized full-color line drawings present God's Word from beginning to end. Effective for presenting the Gospel to individuals.

The Story of God is also available in these languages:
Denesuline (Chipewyan) -- 1896968007 -- $3.95
Inuktitut -- 0920731996 -- $3.95
Portuguese -- 189696838408 -- $3.95


Testimony Tracts

Years of Joy

TT103 -- $.20
By Margaret (Budd) Bear.
The Devil's Number 1 Angel

TT104 -- $.40
By Barney Lacendre.
Miracle in the Klondike

TT105 -- $.40
By Joseph E. Campbell.
I Was Going to Take My Life

TT109 -- $.79
By Brian Arcand.
My Journey of Life

TT107 -- $.40
By Margaret (Budd) Bear.
A Fisherman Leaves His Nets

TT102 -- $.40
By Ruben Hillborn.

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