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The JESUS Movie

Based on the Book of Luke, the world's most translated film is a vivid and faithful recreation of the life of Christ.

This powerful life-changing video is available in several English-language versions, including the children's version, plus several North American Native languages.


The most economical way for you to see JESUS in your preferred language -- and to share Him with others -- is our multi-language DVD, now available for the new low price of $4.00 each (plus taxes and shipping).

The JESUS Movie
North American Indigenous Languages

(DVD) NAIL20DVD12 -- $4.00

The two-hour video on the life of Christ taken from the Gospel of Luke with Native voice actors.

DVD includes the following languages: Blackfoot, Chilcotin, Cree, Denesuline, Innu (Montagnais), Inuktitut, Ojibway, Slavey, Tlicho, English (Native Voice), French, English (original), Spanish, Navajo, Tiwa, and Zuni.

(For more information, you'll also find this DVD listed in the Native Language Resource section of our website.) 


JESUS -- The Story of Jesus for Children

(DVD) JD1ENG -- $11.00
The story of Jesus as seen through the eyes of children. 67 minutes. (See Outreach Literature section for accompanying booklet "The Greatest Promise.")

Other Bible / Teaching Videos

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus VideoBook (6-DVD set)

(DVD) 883041000068 -- $80.30
It's been called "the greatest story ever told." Now the central message of the Bible is brought to life in this 11-hour DVD series. Using a combination of classroom instruction, visual aids, animated graphics, and footage shot on location in Biblical lands, the teacher chronologically ties the text together into one universal drama. A WorkBook is included to enhance understanding and offer further insight. Whether you have significant Bible knowledge, or have never read "the Book" in your life -- this series is for you. (6 - DVD set with accompanying WorkBook)

Wholesale orders for this product should be placed directly to GoodSeed Canada. Call 403-556-9955 or visit

Learning to Fly

(DVD) 3008-01 -- $18.63
The Path of Biblical Discipleship. A true to life story that illustrates the challenges of a new believer. Russ discovers that the struggles he hoped Christ had freed him from are still there. He is encouraged by his friend to come to a Bible study, where Rev. Craig Smith teaches from the Scriptures about the importance of biblical discipleship. Using a leather craft, he tells the story of an eagle chick and its cycle of life to illustrate that new believers must have nurture and care.

The Lamb DVD

(DVD) 9781890082604 -- $15.00

Many years ago on a very important day, a remarkable story was told about a Lamb. The story took the listeners on a journey through the Bible, from Creation to the Cross. It explained the central message of scripture and revealed the true significance of the Lamb. Now in this DVD, the story is retold -- an unforgettable message that everyone should hear.

Wholesale orders for this product should be placed directly to GoodSeed Canada. Call 403-556-9955 or visit

The Lamb DVD & PowerPoint

(DVD) 883041000020 -- $46.88

Includes CD with printable PDF handouts and PowerPoint files, lesson books and DVD. Excellent for children in all settings. Windows version.

Wholesale orders for this product should be placed directly to GoodSeed Canada. Call 403-556-9955 or visit

Gospel of John

(DVD) 880601000254 -- $14.95

The bold and powerful story of Jesus as told by His disciple John. Word for word based on the Good News Bible translation of the American Bible Society.  Three hours.

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